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The K Sera Story - Charitable Shopping

The K Sera Creations Story: Charitable Shopping Part of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice

In starting my business it was important to me that it encompassed things that I was passionate about - those being helping others less fortunate and textiles.

My initial concept for my business was to produce 100% cotton personalised quilts for children who were ill in hospital, something that was special for them to have whilst enduring long separations from their home and families.  From this evolved the idea of somehow incorporating a 'donation' component that would go back to the charity or hospital.  I felt that it was a win/win situation.   The child was receiving a personalised lovely gift, the purchaser was not only giving a gift to their child, but also contributing to the raising of funds for organisations that are committed to the care and protection of children. Presently I am helping 'Save the Children', 'Murdoch Children's Research Institute', 'Cystic Fibrosis' and 'Oz Burma', with more charities joining us. 

I am working all the time to broaden our range to appeal to customers to purchase from us and thus donate to these, or charities of their choice.



SAVE THE CHILDREN - is the world's largest independent child rights development organisation, making a difference to children's lives in more than 100 countries.  Save the Children secures a child's right to health, education and protection.

MURDOCH CHILDREN'S RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Murdoch Children's Research Institute is the preeminent child health research institute in Australia, and is recognised globally for its child health discoveries. 

CYSTIC FIBROSIS  -  Cystic Fibrosis (CF)  Australian research scientists have made significant contributions to the search for control to Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  It is
essential to raise funds to maximise their efforts to increase knowledge of the cause and secondary effects of the disease.  This requires intensive and expensive research.




From Myanmar

I am also very excited about a new range that I have added to my business.  It is initially a small selection of hand-crafted, hand-sewn items from Myanmar (Burma).  I purchase these items from a socially responsible business working for the past three years or so assisting unemployed women in the art of sewing.   The business trains vulnerable women in the aspects of design and tailoring.  Having these skills makes a huge difference in their lives and the lives of their families.   The business now employs about 12 women.   They work with marginalised urban children and youth, their families and communities to become productive, independent citizens of their country.  It is not only a working environment but also a family and a social business - a way not to lose dignity.

I offer this group a market for their products, without that they cannot employ and help these women.   The more I buy from them - the more women they can employ.   When 'Oz Burma' is selected in the 'charity field' the donation is forwarded to this group who carry out fantastic work in this country, from installing fresh water wells,  teaching English etc.  Unless children can read and write they will not be accepted into prep school.  Most recently Oz Burma has completed the construction of 'Hope Orphanage'.   There are over 200 orphanages in Yangon alone.


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